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FDA Approves First Ever HIV Prevention Pill

The best method in the fight against HIV AIDS has always been prevention. Man has tried to stop the spread of the disease with three main ways: the use of condoms, being faithful to a single partner and total abstinence from sex. These three methods seemed to have worked, as today the infection rates have been found to stagnate and, in some countries, to even nosedive, thus indicating a great victory.

But, these preventive methods didn’t actually fight the disease head on or proactively. And they were methods that were implemented in the hope that both parties involved were HIV negative.┬áBut not anymore; in what is being considered a huge milestone in the 30-year long fight against the disease, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the first ever HIV prevention pill1.

Called Truvada, this latest step in the fight against the disease is the product of Gilead Sciences. The company has been researching and developing drugs that have been used to fight diseases like HIV AIDS, Hepatitis B and influenza since 1987.

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