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Voices of Our Future Leaders – One Young World Summit 2011

David Cross

David Cross at One Young World Summit 2011

It is the hope of each generation that the next one will make even more of a positive difference. I have the honor of attending the “One Young World Summit 2011” in Zurich and it is inspiring to see the youth of today truly dedicated to making a difference. This premiere event brings together the best, and brightest from around the world to ensure that their concerns, opinions and solutions are heard.

The Summit is designed to address the most pressing issues in the world today and we strongly believe that the reduction of antibiotic resistant infections should be a part of any global health initiative.

Carolyn Cross

Carolyn Cross, CEO & Founder Ondine Biomedical

Today, 130 million doses of antibiotics are administered every year, and up to half of these have been deemed as unnecessary. Antibiotic resistant superbugs have become a global problem, and we may be heading towards a pre-antibiotic era of medication where we will be unable to treat simple infections.

In attending this conference it is my hope to influence some of the delegates to carry on from where I will leave off in my push to reduce antibiotic resistant infections.

You can view some of the highlights from the One Young World Summit at: and I will be sure to follow up with an overview.

Until then congratulations to all of the young voices of our future.

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