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The Lazarus Effect – How $0.40/day Can Help Save A Life

Researchers have been referring to it  as The Lazarus Effect, the amazing beneficial changes that antiretroviral drugs can bring to an HIV/AIDS patient. Many things count in controlling the global HIV/AIDS pandemic – proper diagnosis, prevention, and education are all crucial, but access to treatment is key. The Lazarus Effect is a brilliant documentary showing us that with just two antiretroviral pills/day, health can be restored in a dying person.

Sponsored by the RED campaign, The Lazarus Effect follows four people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and takes us on a journey as they regain their health. In developed countries like the US & Canada, HIV/AIDS is a manageable disease because treatment is made readily available. But to an African that survives on less than $1.25/day, life can be a tragically different story. HIV/AIDS has killed more than 20 million people in Africa, and yet it continues to be a preventable and treatable disease. For just $0.40/day, a life can be saved. The Lazarus Effect shows us that this can be the case. Don’t wait to see how you can get involved, watch the 30-minute documentary today.

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