Author Bio

Dr. Bhagwandin has more than 18 years experience working in biomedical research and product development. His experience and expertise include medical instrument systems, biosensors, biomedical optics, medical-software system-control and executive management for start-up medical instrument companies. Dr. Bhagwandin started his career as a central nervous system (CNS) physiologist for Eli Lilly and Co. He functioned as liaison to the FDA reporting CNS side effects from pharmaceuticals submitted for regulatory approval. Dr. Bhagwandin was awarded his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Washington. He worked as the Director of Software Engineering for a biotech company designing and developing user-interface and control software for medical instruments. He also spent seven years working as a program-manager, system-engineer, and design-engineer for a medical product-development group. Dr. Bhagwandin has been the Vice President of Engineering for two start-up medical instrument companies. He has managed the technical commercialization of medical instrumentation, directed assay development work, and led instrument hardware and software design efforts. For the past five years Dr. Bhagwandin has served as an executive manager developing HIV products for point of care therapy and diagnostics.

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