Vitalwave Is Live-Blogging From The Global Business Coalition – Day 1

8:47am: We’re here live at the GBC in New York! Looking forward to an exciting few days.

8:53am: @ the opening session of the GBC: “Creating An HIV Free Generation In Kenya.” This is inspired by the idea that “If we can create hope, we can save lives.” This is a pilot program using private sector core comps from the likes of nike, MTV, and Warner bros. Targeting youth (age 10-24) to avoid HIV (making it cool to change behaviour and avoid HIV)

8:53am: John speaks at GBC about MTVs role in the pilot HIV free generation partnership.

9:50am: Starting the next GBC special session – “innovative financing for health”. This session will discuss trends, challenges, and future of developing pioneering platforms to mobilize resources.

10:01am: Seth Berkley CEO of international AIDS vaccine initiative says there are more drugs to treat HIV then all other viruses put together, but we have no HIV vaccine yet.

10:05am: Christoph Benn – director of external relations and partnerships for the Global Fund addresses audience on innovative financing for health.

11:45am: @ a special GBC session called “Role of Private Sector In Addressing NCDs.” Interested to know what the top non-communicable diseases are? Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, alcohol abuse, women’s health.

12:30pm: Children with type one diabetes in Africa have life expectancy of 6-12 months because of lack of availability of insulin. Insulin as a supplement for diabetes has been manufactured for 90 years.

1:28pm: Non-communicable diseases.  300 million cases of diabetes currently with an expected 500 million in next 5-10 yrs. Nothing we can do about it.

1:30pm: Sonak Pastaka, (far left above) assistant professor from Purdue University, School of Pharmacy, spends 100% of his time in remote Kenya trying to provide complete health care to communities. He states many people were being turned away from health care facilities because they were not HIV positive!

2:40pm: Check out this video of Shuga, an MTV Staying Alive drama set in Kenya. The goal of this program/partnership is to keep kids HIV free and get them employed.

Shuga Episode 1 from mtv staying alive on Vimeo.

3:10pm: Kati Marton, wife of the late Richard Holbrook who founded the GBC, speaks. Kati is a international journalist and Peabody award winner was former Chair of the International Womens Health Coalition. She wants us to know “women are force multipliers.”

3:45pm: John Tedstrom, president of GBS begins the final special session of todays meetings. He says “Healthy Women, Healthy Economies Special Panel.

3:45pm: John Tedstrom, president of GBS begins the final special session of todays meetings. He says “Healthy Women, Healthy Economies Special Panel: Men who make it their business to improve womens lives” is the most important session of the day.

4:00pm: Gary M Cohen, executive VP of Becton Dickinson, champions human rights and public health impacts of sexual violence against girls. He provided the statistic that in developing countries, for every 10% of girls that remain in school, the country grows 3% faster.

4:37pm: Michel Sidibe from the United Nations, says in order to change government’s attitude and policy regarding HIV and violence against women will take more than just talking about numbers. Changes by governments can only happen if the numbers are connected to stories that give the numbers a reality impact.

5:02pm: Ambassador Eric Goosby, US Global AIDS Coordinator who provides oversight and implementation of the 48 billion dollar President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), speaks on the improvement of Women’s Lives world wide.

5:45pm: That wraps up coverage for today! Stay tuned tomorrow as we’ll be giving you even more updates. Have a great night guys!

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