A Vitalwave Summary

Vitalwave™ is a medical device designed to disinfect the birthing canal at the time of delivery to prevent or to reduce the rate of HIV and STI (gonorrhea, GBS, HPV, chlamydia, syphilis) transmission from mothers to their infants (MTCTP). Vitalwave™ disinfection is a low cost, easy-to-administer procedure designed for use in developing countries where Mother-to-Child HIV & STI transmission is high. More than 90% of children with HIV were infected by their mothers. Of the 17.7 million women living with HIV around the world, 74% do not seek treatment & education to prevent HIV transmission to their unborn child. This sad reality results in 1,600 children becoming infected with HIV every day, or one child every minute1. Vitalwave™ is designed to bypass the stigma associated with AIDS and reliance on patient compliance by providing safe and instant disinfection at the time of delivery. Given the limited time and effort involved with this treatment, Vitalwave™ is ideal for universal deployment (for use with all deliveries) in the Third World.

Vitalwave™ is a new application of Photodisinfection, the non-toxic light based technology that has been proven to be highly effective at eliminating a broad spectrum of pathogens in pre-clinical and clinical studies. Photodisinfection achieves instant bacterial, fungal and viral kills without use of heat, chemicals or antibiotics; it has been proven safe for human tissues and effective in destroying microbes without generating resistance. Vitalwave™ is currently being developed by ORGENX Biopharma Corporation and Ondine Biomedical Inc. Leveraging Ondine’s global expertise in photodisinfection solutions, Vitalwave™ uses a combination of a photosensitizer and a light source to immediately target and destroy pathogens that colonize the vaginal fluids of the birth canal. By eliminating the viral and bacterial pathogens just prior to birth, we expect to reduce infection rates of both mother and infant. The pathogens that we are targeting include HIV, herpes, human papilloma virus (HPV), and STI’s. Photodisinfection is a technology introduced by the University College London, England, in the mid 1980’s. Periowave™, a photodisinfection based product for the dental market developed by Ondine Biomedical, has been in use for over 5 years in North America & Europe. Photodisinfection has been deployed for years in Europe to disinfect pooled blood plasma of HIV and other serious pathogens.

It is estimated that 13-38% of all pregnant women in South Africa are HIV positive1. Current estimates indicate that 90% of HIV-positive women in resource-poor settings do not have (regular) access to antiretroviral medication and often reject treatment due to fear of the stigma-related threats of violence and abandonment. In the absence of treatment, a pregnant woman has a 15-30% chance of passing HIV on to her child during labour and delivery2.

Vitalwave™ provides significant advantages over current solutions in preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission. These include lowest cost, single treatment efficacy, immediate disinfection, excellent safety profiles, ease of use, no compliance issues and no microbial resistance.


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2 De Cock et al. Prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission in resource-poor countries. JAMA 283(9) Mar 2000

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