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PMTCT: Preventing Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV

PMTCT is the acronym used to describe efforts and protocols to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission

Over the past five years, there has been a growing awareness of mother-to-child transmission of HIV due to a large and growing number of children in Africa living with HIV.  MTCT is the acronym used to describe the process of transmission of the HIV virus from infected mother to her child during pregnancy, delivery, or through breastfeeding.  PMTCT, or preventing mother-to-child transmission, is the acronym used to describe efforts and protocols to prevent MTCT.

PMTCT measures include education, support for women, avoidance of unwanted pregnancies, safe delivery practices (caesareans), antiretroviral therapy and the use of replacement breast milk formulas.  These are measures that have been proven in the Developed World to be effective at Read More

A Vitalwave Summary

Vitalwave™ is a medical device designed to disinfect the birthing canal at the time of delivery to prevent or to reduce the rate of HIV and STI (gonorrhea, GBS, HPV, chlamydia, syphilis) transmission from mothers to their infants (MTCTP). Vitalwave™ disinfection is a low cost, easy-to-administer procedure designed for use in developing countries where Mother-to-Child HIV & STI transmission is high. More than 90% of children with HIV were infected by their mothers. Of the 17.7 million women living with HIV around the world, 74% do not seek treatment & education to prevent HIV transmission to their unborn child. This sad reality results in 1,600 children becoming infected with HIV every day, or one child every minute1. Vitalwave™ is designed to bypass the stigma associated with AIDS and reliance on patient compliance by providing safe and instant disinfection at the time of delivery. Given the limited time and effort involved with this treatment, Vitalwave™ is ideal for universal deployment (for use with all deliveries) in the Third World.

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HIV In Pregnancy: An Overview

In some countries, HIV infections have become one of the most common medical complications during pregnancy. More than 90% of HIV infections in children are caused by mother-to-child transmission. This amounts to 1,000 children becoming infected with HIV every day1.

Africa has been the centre of the mother-to-child HIV transmission epidemic. A rapid rise in infection rates has also been seen across South East Asia. Sources suggest that the rate of transmission of HIV from mother to child can be as high as 30% in the absence of treatment2, and can occur during three different stages of pregnancy:

  1. Within the uterus (Very low chance. This is affected by mother’s overall health)
  2. During labor and delivery (15%-30% chance2)
  3. Post partum through breastfeeding. (5%-20% chance2)

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PMTCT- Each Voice Helps

According to the Global Health Council, there was US$13.7 billion spent on HIV/ AIDS related activities around the world in 2008. Apparently, this represents only 62% of global need.1 2 This spending was up 40% over 2007, and a long way off the estimated $25.1 billion needed in 2010 or $54 billion needed by 2015 for universal access to prevention, treatment, care and support.3 Included in this estimate is a need to provide comprehensive services to 74.5 million women to prevent MTCT….a number that is twice the population of Canada. Read More

Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS

Between the birthing process and breastfeeding, it is thought that as many as 25-35% of HIV infected women will pass HIV to their babies.1 Considering that there are at least 10 million HIV infected women in Africa, this is a crippling statistic and should be seen as entirely unacceptable in this day and age.2 In North America, the CDC estimates that there are over one million Americans living with HIV with one in five of those people unaware that they are infected and carriers.3 Assuming that half of this population of one million are women, and many of these are of child bearing age, Mother-to-Child transmission (MTCT) is very much a global health issue, not just a Developing Country one. Read More

Introduction to the Vitalwave Project

A few years ago, I had the very great pleasure to meet an incredible young woman named Anne Cohen from Montreal. My first exposure to her, actually, was through her article. This writing struck me in a very important way and became a turning point for me. When I read it, I was filled with a huge wave of optimism and a personal resolve to finally move forward with my long time dream of taking our highly effective antimicrobial technology and turning it into a product for the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV/AIDs. Read More

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