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Today Is World AIDS Day!

30 years ago, the first detected cases of HIV garnered the world’s attention.  Since then, an estimated 25 million people have lost their lives to AIDS1. Today, campaigners around the world come together to celebrate World AIDS Day. Marches, conferences, concerts and services are being held all over the world in celebration of this global event. This year’s World AIDS Day theme is “Universal Access and Human Rights.” Valuable progress has been made in recent years to increase access to HIV treatment and care. Today commemorates a global initiative and further commitment to reduce the impact of AIDS on humanity.

33 million people around the world currently live with HIV. An estimated 2.7 million are newly infected every year2.  In order to fight this global pandemic, the world has come together in solidarity and made significant progress in making antiretroviral treatments universal in low and middle-income countries. Read More

PMTCT- Each Voice Helps

According to the Global Health Council, there was US$13.7 billion spent on HIV/ AIDS related activities around the world in 2008. Apparently, this represents only 62% of global need.1 2 This spending was up 40% over 2007, and a long way off the estimated $25.1 billion needed in 2010 or $54 billion needed by 2015 for universal access to prevention, treatment, care and support.3 Included in this estimate is a need to provide comprehensive services to 74.5 million women to prevent MTCT….a number that is twice the population of Canada. Read More

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